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An Enterprise Alumni Platform allows organizations to rapidly onboard, manage and communicate with their former employees and create a corporate alumni community.

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AlumniEX is the worlds first Al driven Corporate Alumni Experience Platform enabling organizations to create a community of former employees.

The alumniEX platform delivers the right experience, journeys, opportunities and content to the right Alumni at the right time.

Highly configurable, rapid deployment and simple to manage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an enterprise alumni platform?

Organizations are rapidly deploying an enterprise alumni platform to enable them to maintain a relationship with their former employees as they continue their career journey. 

By staying in touch with Alumni, this network can be leveraged to drive recruiting, referrals, business development and overall brand advocacy.

Alumni are the most valuable pre-qualified, pre-vetted and accessible talent pool for any organization.

What is an enterprise alumni platform?

An enterprise alumni platform is the technology a company has chosen to onboard, communicate and manage their former employees.

The platform generally consists of modules to enable simple alumni acquisition when an employee is leaving, a core CRM to maintain dynamic information on the Alumni, a mechanism to communicate via email & sms communications as well as a portal in which to display information and enable the Alumni to update their data and interface with the rest of the Alumni Community.

How do I build an enterprise alumni platform?

Most organizations looking to launch an Alumni Community for their former employees, will either leverage the existing technologies in their HR or ATS system (Workday), leverage an existing specialist vendor (AlumniEX, Graduway) or leverage one if their existing vendors that has a capacity to meet their Alumni requirements (ServiceNow).


How do I choose an enterprise alumni platform?

When choosing the right vendor for your new or existing Alumni Community, it is important to define what goals / success metrics your organization is seeking and ensure the platform functionality can clearly meet and report on those goals.

It requires more than just being a web portal to share news and onboard Alumni, it must have the ability for self-configuration (without needing to call the vendor), segment based content distribution (right content to the right person, messaging, mobile application and easy integration with the rest of your HR tools.

Enterprise Alumni Platform Features

To drive real value in your Corporate Alumni Community it is critical certain features are enabled to allow for the required growth, engagement and value of the user data.

Custom landing pages and full white label design

BI & Reporting dashboards to
understand your community and engagement

Custom and themed mobile app for your community

Intelligent CRM to populate user data with external sources such as LinkedIn

Events (remote & in person) including payment gateways

Careers & E-Learning to deliver
opportunities for professional

Messaging functionality across email, text and social media

Intelligent notifications and content awareness

Application self-service to manage, configure and customize

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